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Smart Agrifood Summit is a  reference event in the sector
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increase funding and internationalisation channels,
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Press Release


1.- Introduction

SmartAgrifoodSummit Connect 2023 is the largest global event connecting all agri-food innovation ecosystems related to Agritech, FoodTech and the Blue Economy in the world. All of this is leading up to the big event in March (14-15 March 2024) which will take place in Seville and where all the initiatives come together. The event is designed to highlight key issues and trends in the global agri-food industry. It will be held on 28-29 September 2023 in a face-to-face and virtual (hybrid) format, with a focus on different international cities, which are related to the different innovation ecosystems.

2.- Objetives of Smartagrifood Connect´23:

The SmartAgrifood Summit Connect '23 event aims to promote and advance the key topics that will be addressed in the global edition to be held in Seville on 14 and 15 March 2024. Through a series of thematic workshops, the aim is to generate a space for discussion and reflection on the main trends and innovations in the agri-food chain at an international level. This hybrid face-to-face and virtual event will also enable connections and collaborations to be established with different innovation ecosystems in Agrifood around the world, in line with the SmartAgrifood Summit's vision of promoting global collaboration to drive innovation in the sector.

General Objectives

  • Strengthening the Ecosystem for the Digitalisation of the Agri-Food Value Chain: The project aims to strengthen the ecosystem of the agri-food value chain, driving the digitalisation of processes at all levels of the chain, from production to distribution and consumption.
  • Training on Digitisation of the Agri-Food Value Chain: The project aims to provide training and education to key actors in the agri-food sector on digital technologies and how to implement them effectively in their operations. This includes producers as well as companies and industry professionals.
  • Promotion of Strategic Initiatives in the field of Data Valorisation: The project aims to promote the valorisation of data generated in the agri-food chain. It will seek to promote the creation and adoption of strategic initiatives to collect, analyse and use data to make informed decisions and improve efficiency throughout the chain.
  • Deployment of Mechanisms for Digital Transformation in the Agri-Food Value Chain: Mechanisms and technological solutions will be implemented to facilitate digital transformation in the agri-food chain. This includes the adoption of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and robotics to optimise processes and improve sustainability.

Specific Objectives of  SmartAgrifood Summit Connect 2023:

  1. Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the agri-food chain, promoting sustainable and technological solutions.
  2. Create a space for meeting and collaboration between companies, startups, investors, institutions and experts in agri-food.
  3. To analyse and debate the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the agri-food chain at a global level.
  4. Promote the digitalisation and transformation of the sector through technology and collaboration.
  5. Recognise and reward excellence and innovation in the agri-food chain through the Global Food Innovation Awards.

3.- Methodology:

The event will be held virtually through the Zoom platform, with thematic webinars held from different cities and countries around the world. The webinar methodology corresponds to thematic panels with the participation of experts and key representatives in each thematic area, through round tables and panel discussions.

 The event will open in Seville with the participation of authorities and experts in the agri-food sector. Over the two days, a total of 11 webinars will be held from different ecosystems, addressing topics such as agriculture and fisheries in the EU, drought and the fight against climate change and trends in Food Tech, innovation in Agritech, among others. The event will conclude with a closing session where the Global Food Innovation Awards will be held.

To achieve these objectives, we will also carry out the following methodology: 

  1. Identification of Key Actors: We will identify and involve the different key actors in the agri-food chain, such as producers, processors, distributors, retailers and consumers, as well as researchers, policy makers and policy implementers.
  2. Collaboration with Institutions and Universities: Collaborations will be established with academic institutions and universities specialised in agritech and food tech for the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of innovation.
  3. Development of Training Programmes: Training programmes adapted to the needs of the different segments of the agri-food chain will be designed. These programmes will address topics such as digitisation, data management and the adoption of emerging technologies.
  4. Organisation of Webinars and side events : Webinars, seminars and events will be held to share the latest trends, research and success stories in agritech and food tech. Industry experts and leaders will be invited to present their experiences and knowledge.
  5. Creation of Virtual Collaborative Spaces through the B2B platform: B2B collaborations will be developed through a virtual platform that will allow the different actors in the chain to exchange information, establish connections and collaborate on joint projects, in addition to developing a business through B2B.
  6. Development of Technological Solutions: Work will be carried out on the creation and adaptation of technological solutions that help chain actors to digitise and take advantage of the opportunities of digital transformation.
  7. Implementation of Data Valorisation Initiatives: Initiatives that foster data collection and analysis along the agri-food chain will be promoted. This includes the identification of relevant data and the creation of tools for its analysis and use. These initiatives and agreements will be promoted 
  8. Impact Assessment and Measurement: The impact of the actions implemented in the project in terms of efficiency improvements, sustainability and collaboration in the agri-food chain will be monitored and evaluated.

4-. Conclusions

This preview event aims to provide a preview of the topics to be addressed at the SmartAgrifood Summit 2023 in March, while highlighting the importance of innovation, technology and collaboration in the global agri-food industry. Each workshop will focus on cutting-edge discussions, featuring leaders, experts and entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of the agri-food chain.

The project is framed within the actions for strengthening the Agri-Food Chain Ecosystem through Digitalisation and Innovation and has as its core objective to strengthen the agri-food industry through the implementation of digital technologies and the promotion of collaboration. By boosting digitisation, empowerment and data valorisation, it is expected to achieve a more efficient, sustainable and collaborative value chain in the agri-food industry. This Smartagrifood Summit Connect'23 event is a preview of the big summit to be held on 14-15 March 2024.