StartUp Europe Smart Agrifood Summit

  Edition 2020

Edition 2020

  Water Forum

Thursday 24 / September / 2020



Main entrance

How to fight hunger in the world

Conference Room 2 – 1st floor

  • José Esquinas. Ingeniero agrónomo y doctor en genética (ex miembro de FAO)

Water policy in Europe

Conference Room 2 – 1st floor

Presented by: Inmaculada Parrado Rivera. Deputy technical director. Agency of agrarian and fishing management of Andalusia AGAPA

  • Veronica Manfredi Virtual. Director in Directorate C Quality of Life, DG Environment European Commission EC


Conference Room 2 – 1st floor

Presented by: Inmaculada Parrado Rivera. Deputy Technical Director. Agency of Agrarian and Fishing Management of Andalusia. AGAPA

  • Eduardo Mansur Virtual. Director for the Forest Assessment, Management and Conservation Division FOM Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

What encourages farmers to take up a technological innovation?

Conference Room 2 – 1st floor

Moderator: David Lozano. Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training IFAPA

  • María Jesús Camacho Mérida. Técnica de campo y productora
  • Jesús Regodón Ruíz. Director Departamento I+D+i y Sostenibilidad en frutas TROPS


KEYNOTE: Platforms and intelligent agriculture for the use of water: Use cases

Conference Room 2 – 1st floor

  • Antoni Díaz Virtual. Lead Expert for Suez group in Agriculture and General Manager Suez Agriculture Iberia

Circular Economy, energy efficiency and water

Conference Room 2 – 1st floor

Moderator: Regional Government of Andalusia

European Programs: Green Deal

  • Juan Manuel Revuelta. CEO FINNOVA Foundation

New systems of Indoor cultivation

  • Manuel Gómez Carmona. Product Line Manager Smart Irrigation (AgTech) and New Technologies and Commercial Manager Area Almería and Eastern Granada Naandanjain
  • Fran Guillen. Director Accelerator
  • Sebastian Delgado Amaro Virtual. Director General del Agua de la Comunidad de Murcia

Contribution of the Operational Groups for Innovation to water digitization in the agri-food sector

Conference Room 2 – 1st floor

Moderator: Consolación Vera Sanchez. General director of direct aid and markets Regional Government of Andalucia

  • Teresa Benítez Lora Gerente del GDR Serranía Suroeste sevillana y coordonadora del GO H2Olivetree
  • Diego J. Granado Cumbres. Secretario General ECOVALIA
  • Francisco Carrasco Virtual. Responsables de proyectos de I+D en Feragua. GO Reutivar e Invarrega
  • Victoria Cruz Sánchez. Coordinadora de I+D COEXPHAL