StartUp Europe Smart Agrifood Summit
What is
the Smart Agrifood Summit?
Smart Agrifood Summit is a  reference event in the sector
and is a meeting point where you can find partners,
increase funding and internationalisation channels,
as well as publicise new products, services and innovative projects.
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Increase your involvement, presence and return on investment to the highest level. Participation as a Smart Agrifood Summit partner means playing a key role in the different support areas and activities of the Summit, associating the image of the entity with the promotion of the R & D & I ecosystem of the agrifood sector.

Being a Smart Agrifood partner you will get maximum brand visibility, both in the marketing and communication materials and in the graphic supports of the event; creation of synergies due to presence in all areas of the event; great customization of the proposal; positioning as a key agent in promoting the innovative R & D & I ecosystem of the agri-food sector and flexibility for the definition of segmented actions.